Quick Start Guide: LifeYield Portfolio+

Get started with LifeYield Portfolio+

LifeYield Portfolio+ analyzes all accounts in a household portfolio and measures the tax efficiency of all accounts, regardless of where they are held.

This image guides you through a quick overview of LifeYield Portfolio+, with each number corresponding to a number in the list that follows.

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  1. Select the pencil icon next to the Portfolio name to edit the following settings:
    • CMA set used
    • Investment Timeframe
    • Tax Rates
    • Target Allocation
    • Use of Equivalents
  2. LifeYield quantifies the tax-efficiency of a client portfolio with the Taxficient Score® ranging from 0-100. If the Brody’s achieve a score of 100, they can reap $170,797 in savings over the next 10 years.
  3. Dollar amount of assets held away.
  4. Various options to illustrate asset allocation in each account and total portfolio allocation.
    • Distribution of assets across all accounts in the portfolio and asset allocation of each account along with each account balance.
  5. Options to generate Location Analysis and Withdrawal Analysis proposals.
  6. Delete Portfolio and Duplicate Portfolio buttons.
  7. Various options to add accounts.

Breaking Down the Location Analysis

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1. LifeYield shows the Taxficient Score® from 0-100 and quantifies the after-tax dollar benefit off assets located appropriately across the portfolio.

2. Options to download either a summary or detailed report.

3. Projected portfolio balance from best to worst-case scenarios.

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4. Projected portfolio taxes paid from best to worst case scenarios.

5. LifeYield proposes the following asset allocations within the client’s investment accounts to increase the Taxficient Score and maximize after-tax returns.