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LifeYield General Settings

This video walks through the options you have in general settings.


General Settings allow you to set up some of the defaults used by LifeYield when running analysis on a portfolio.  The defaults will be applied to all your cases, however you can always customize a portfolio or social security case as you build or edit them.  

Any field that is grey, is locked for editing.  If you need to make a change to any of these fields, please reach out to our team at advisorsupport@lifeyield.com  or you can open a ticket and we'll get you squared away.

Custom Logo for Reports: When you pick a logo for your reports, it's best to go with an option that is wider, than it is tall.  PNG files seem to work the best. 

Tip: If you can, use a logo with a white back ground, or no back ground at all.  These will pop on the reports, which we designed with this in mind. 

Disclosures for Compliance: All of our reports allow you to load in a disclosure that will automatically be included at the end of each report.  If you're unsure if your firm will require a custom disclosure, a good place to start is run one of our reports and ask your compliance department.  If they give you some language, you can cut / paste it into the general settings area, then your covered.  

If your firm requires more information from LifeYield, just reach out to your relationship manager.  We have an extensive compliance kit which includes all our Security Documentation, Terms of Service, Compliance Documents.  We have been approved by some of the largest financial services firms in the world and are extremely confident we can jump through any hoops your firm might require.