Gain Limits and Tax Impact

  1. Open your client’s portfolio within LifeYield.
  2. Click on the Generate Proposal button and select Location Analysis. In the Options pop-up, you can choose to enter any short- or long-term gains. Click on the Short-Term Gain Limit toggle and leave it set to $0.
    1. If your client has a carry-over loss, click on the Long-Term Gain Limit toggle and enter in the amount of loss that you’re going to try to use in your analysis. Click on the Continue button.
  3. Click on the ‘Download’ button and select Detailed Report from the drop-down. Scroll down in your client’s report to the Tax Impact section.
    1. The Tax Impact portion of your LifeYield Detailed Report will show an estimated total of Short-Term and Long-Term Gains and losses for your client’s portfolio with corresponding net totals, as well as, the tax implication costs to implement location analysis suggestions.